Age of Death Kickstarter - Last Chance

Did you miss out on the Age of Death Kickstarter? It recently ended and was quite successful ($119,000+ raised and it became the 2nd most-backed and 4th most-funded fiction Kickstarter of all time).

If you would still like to participate, you can...but only until the end of September 2019. At that time, we'll lock the records, tally the counts, and order the items to fulfill the pledges.

Because we are using BackerKit to mail things out to people, there is a process whereby we can add you to the Kickstarter manually. Simply fill out the fields below and we will...

• Create a record for you in BackerKit
• Send you a link to your record
• You can customize your order (set the name you want in the acknowledgment, add items like the tote bag or bookmarks), and if you are getting a physical item, you'll be asked to specify your full mailing address.
• When we lock the project at the end of September your credit card will be charged.

To see what each pledge level has as its rewards, you can check out the right-hand side of the Kickstarter.

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All reward levels come with bonus material such as short stories, screen savers, music compositions, and videos.

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Only needed if you have selected a reward level with physical books.

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