Age of Myth Pre-order Bonus


Greetings! The Age of Myth release is fast approaching (June 28th), and to thank you for pre-ordering, Del Rey and I would like to offer a package of bonus perks! The package includes:

  • Character profiles with photographs.
  • The first five chapters of the book to read right now!
  • A package of free short stories.
  • Access to a high-resolution map.
  • A signed bookplate (free to residents of the US)
  • A signed bookmark (free to residents of the US)
  • Wallpaper for your computer, iPhone, and tablet featuring the amazing artwork of Marc Simonetti.

NOTE: If you live outside the US and want the bookmark and bookplate you can get them for $3 (to cover the postage and processing). You can order it from here.

This is our way of saying thanks for the amazing support and I hope you enjoy your pre-order perks!

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Free for US, overseas may purchase for $3 to cover postage and handling. (See link above)

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