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A lot of people say they want to be a beta reader, but that's before they know what it takes to be one. It's actually quite a bit of work and goes beyond reading an early copy and saying, "Yeah, I liked it" or "It sucked!" So, what does being a beta reader mean? Well, here is a beta reader primer for Age of Swords and all the beta reads follow that process, so it should give you a good idea.

As you might imagine, there will be far more people wanting "in" then we can possibly manage through the process. If you are not selected, please don't take it personally. Robin does a great job managing the program and it's always hard to narrow down the list. When answering the questions in this survey, keep in mind that we want a wide range of experience and levels of past reading familiarity. So don't worry about a particular answer that you think may disqualify you...it may do just the opposite ;-)

Thanks again for your interest, and we'll be in touch closer to the beta read.

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