Farilane Kickstarter Non-US Orders


Thank you for your interest in the Farilane Kickstarter! This is a project to create the second book of the Rise and Fall Series. The project will produce the (a) ebook ($10 retail), (b) regular hardcover ($30 retail), and (c) faux-leather limited edition hardcover ($75 not available in stores).

The Kickstarter has reward levels to fit just about any budget ($5 - $105), and the use of add-ons allows for maximum flexibility. In other words, you can determine what formats (and how many of each) by using a combination of reward levels and add-ons. You can even use add-ons to purchase some of my other books at a discount.

Now, shipping outside the US is not a trivial matter (and quite expensive). When creating the Kickstarter, it is a monumental task to calculate shipping charges (for multiple weights depending on the books ordered) and import/export taxes for various countries.

So to make our lives simple, the official Kickstarter is ONLY available within the United States. But we do want to make these books available regardless of where you live, and hence the reason you have been sent to this page.

This is how it will work for those outside the US.

  • Back the project at one of the digital-only reward levels: SOUND ADVICE (no ebook), DIGITAL DELIGHT (1 ebook), or DOUBLE DIGITAL DELIGHT (2 ebooks).
  • Use this form to tell us (a) what reward level you are interested in (b) if you want any add-on items, and (c) what country we need to ship to.
  • We will (a) calculate the weight of the package, (b) determine the shipping costs, and (c) email that information to you.
  • You should check with your local taxation authority to determine if any import or VAT fees will be levied. (We are not licensed to collect and pay these fees, so we cannot add them to your order). If your country does have such taxes, you'll be asked to pay for them at or before delivery. NOTE: If you don't pay these fees and the package is sent back to us, we can refund the money for the product, but since we already paid the shipping fees, those are non-refundable).
  • Based on your total cost, you can respond to our email with either (a) create an order for the physical books, (b) forgo the physical books and stay with the digital rewards you selected, or (c) cancel your order (and we will refund the price of your pledge). NOTE: We won't take it personally if you decide not to continue. We realize overseas shipping is quite expensive and we actually price what you will be charged a bit lower than our costs (we try to give non-US people a cost break). The bottom line is all the money you pay for shipping (plus more) goes directly to the delivery companies.
  • If you decide to continue with the purchase, we'll create an order for you in PledgeBox (the software we use for shipping) and send you a link to pay via PledgeBox's secure checkout portal.
  • Once your payment is made, your order will look exactly like any of the US orders in our system, and the books will ship as soon as the books come off the press.

If you have any questions about this form or the process, feel free to contact us at jms.book.logistics@gmail.com.

If you are unsure of what you receive in the various reward levels, you can check them out at the Kickstarter from this link.

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