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I really enjoy making signed copies of my books available. But doing so for countries other than the United States means an exorbitant shipping cost for the reader. While we price our shipping to just barely cover our costs, the combination of shipping and import/customs/VAT fees can make the delivery of the book more expensive than the book itself.

Soon, the Kickstarter for Age of Empyre will conclude and we'll have a large number of orders going overseas. Instead of shipping through the US Postal service, we'll be sending a huge single shipment of books to an overseas fulfillment partner who will do the local shipping. Because we are shipping so many books at once, this provides an excellent opportunity for those who live outside the US to get signed copies at a fraction of the usual shipping cost. In addition to lower postage, we'll also pay for VAT/customs/and import fees, so you won't have any of the hassles or added expensive that normally comes when we ship directly to you

Now, I should note that this will mean a longer wait to get your books. There are several reasons for this. First we have to wait until after the Age of Empyre Kickstarter and the books are printed. The current schedule has the presses rolling the third week in March. Then after we have the books we have to sign them all - which can take a day or two depending on how many there are. Then the pallet is sent to a "freight forwarder" who is going to combine our shipment with a bunch of other shipments and once an entire boatload is ready it'll start its trek across the ocean (which in itself can take some time, but if you are buying to fill out a collection (rather than for an upcoming gift-giving situation) than this type of shipping may be a good option for you.

So if you are outside the US and want to receive signed books this sale will be your best opportunity to get them. Here are the steps

1. Pick the books you want.
2. Specify your country.
3. We'll calculate your total package price
4. Once the final amount is tallied you'll be able to pay with PayPal or a credit card or cancel your order.
5. We'll add your order to the large shipment that is sent out for the Kickstarter

If you've been wanting to get signed books, and haven't been able to, now is the best time to get them! All books are discounted (10%, 20% or 50% off) and shipping for a single book to most countries is $7 to $9. Multiple books need to be calculated based on weight but for many countries, a set of 5 books runs around $16.

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