When Orbit bought the rights to the Riyria novels they released them as trade paperbacks. They also sold the bookclub rights for the novels to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Club. That organization produced a small number of hardcovers which sold out long ago.

Robin and I finally negotiated the ability to buy print rights from Orbit to do a limited run of hardcovers for the following titles:

  • Theft of Swords
  • Rise of Empire
  • Heir of Novron
  • The Crown Tower
  • The Rose and the Thorn

Since we will be doing the publishing, they will follow the same high standards of our recent release for The Death of Dulgath. Because the numbers are limited, we started this wait list for people interested in these versions.

By adding your email to this list, you'll be granted early notification so that you can have the best chance at receiving copies.

Signing up on the wait list assures you'll be notified about the release date ahead of the public at large, this will give you the best chance of receiving your own copy.

We thank you for your interest...and will update you as soon as we know more. Robin & Michael Sullivan.

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